Established and incorporated in April 1977 with a sales team of three staff and over the years it has grown steadily into a diverse and professional company with now over 30 personnel and with offices in Jalan Tutong, Bandar Seri, Begawan Negara and Kuala Belait, Brunei Darussalam.

We have expanded our business from an ordinary trading company to become one of the major supplier vendor in Brunei, as well as participating in contracts on specialized projects for both the government bodies and private industries.

To serve, meet and provide all the electrical needs for Brunei's National Developments in various sectors of the industry, both within the government and private sectors. Together with our team of dedicated staff, we will always do our best to guarantee customers' satisfaction by providing trusted, quality products and support systems.

To be a leading provider of electrical/mechanical supply & services to diverse industries for the progression of Brunei's National Development through developing strong and trusted partnerships with our clients in providing their logistics and supply needs.


1. Determination: An implied commitments to our customers and partners To defy all odds and to accomplish the mission of the promise that we have committed.

2. Innovativeness: With the changing needs of the different industries we continuously strive to maximize our range of capabilities and continuously improved our processes and technologies.

3. Courage and indefatigable spirit: The courage to transcend boundaries and explore new horizons to attain our goals.

4. Teamwork: A spirit of achieving common goals with genuine concerns that binds our organisation and the spirit that enable us to be valuable partners in all our undertakings.

5. Love for people and environment: We believe in environmental and commercial sustainability, partnerships and organisations that help the very people that makes up our society.

The following are some of the organisations that we are actively participating in:
1. Pusat Ehsan
3. DANA Foundation
4. Child Development Center